A Donegal waterfall

A Donegal waterfall


Quality Ratings (Q-Values) for rivers.

WFD-compliant ecological status  sampling and assessments for a range of biological quality elements (macroinvertebrates, aquatic macrophytes and filamentous algae) plus river hydromorphology assessments (RHAT).

Investigative Assessment

In-depth monitoring and pinpointing of potential pollution sources within catchments.




Advisory & Research

Research projects - advisory role such as steering committees and assessment of project proposals. Valuable long-term experience in participation and management of environmental research projects.

Active participation in research projects on specialist niche tasks.





On an intercalibration exercise!

On an intercalibration exercise!


Modelling & Analytics

Ecological modelling of transitional and coastal waters and freshwaters

Analysis of large data archives especially environmental datasets. 

Statistical analysis and visualisation of underlying patterns.

GIS analysis and mapping of catchments.